Ye Shiwen- Beats Ryan Lochte’s Record

Ok, how come I never heard of this until now when the Olympics are long over?! I remember feeling a little bit frustrated while the Olympics were airing over the lack of coverage for other nations and their sports, and this just proves why! There was plenty of coverage on American teams, which is great of course, I’m a proud American, but I never heard the name of Ye Shiwen until today when I was doing a little research. We saw plenty of American swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, but did you know this 16 year old girl completed the 50m race in LESS time than Lochte?

There have undoubtedly been skeptics as a result of her unexpected and astounding speed, especially for her young age and having beat the men’s team swimming record. Despite the skepticism, Ye Shiwen declares, “I think it is because I have had very good training recently, which is why I got this result,’ she said. ‘I am so excited, this is like something out of a dream. Before the final I didn’t sleep so well, but it didn’t effect my performance, I have trained hard.”

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