After years and years of being exposed to celebrity sites and fashion magazines, reality shows revolving around women who are famous for seemingly no reason or the antics of females who brag about being scandalous; with blogs galore covering fashion and makeup and being sexy, I feel overwhelmed and it’s taking a toll on my soul. This blog is my effort to recognize the women who may never expect to have a perfect face plastered on the cover of Glamour magazine. It’s a blog for women and girls who are doing their best, making a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others, who are trying to make a difference, who are winning battles or just hanging on; women who can be refreshing role models to many others for being kind, overcoming odds, looking outside themselves, succeeding in ways beyond the superficial. These are the women I want to hear about!

I want to hear about the women you know. I want to hear your stories! Tell me about your teacher, your daughter, your mom, your neighbor. Send me a link about an obscure news story of a woman who did something worth recognizing.

Myself, I am a newlywed woman married to a wonderful man and expecting my first daughter. I love cooking, painting and creating art of all kinds, celebrating holidays to the extreme, writing and reading and my family. I graduated in Public Relations and reside in Seattle with my husband. Expecting a daughter makes me all the more conscious of the messages sent to women in the world, and of course, I want her to have a strong sense of value and self worth no matter what anyone else tells her.

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