Adalia Rose

Adalia Rose is a beautiful name for a beautiful person. Her positive outlook on life and her happy spirit lift others whenever they come across her. At just 5 years old, the little girl who has been diagnosed with a rare condition known as “Progeria”  (which causes rapid aging in children and shortens their overall lifespan) proves that you can have a happy life, have people who love you dearly, and have a positive impact on many even at a young age and despite any disabilities.

You can read more about her story on her very own, official website

Animal Loving Young Lady

Kids and young women can certainly make a contribution to their communities and do a lot to help others, even if those others are the animals of The Humane Society. Instead of presents for her 12th birthday, Kassidy Adam asked for donations to her local Humane Society from friends and family. She was overwhelmed by the donation amounts and went with her friends to drop off their contribution to a very grateful staff.

Kassidy wants others to know that when it comes to animals, “They are just like us,” Adam said. “They have feelings and needs just like us. We need to help them.”

What a thoughtful girl!

Conjoined Twins Abby & Brittany

I’m amazed by these young women! Not only have they overcome the medical odds of survival for conjoined twins, but they are so charming and friendly and happy! If you get the chance to watch their show on TLC, I highly recommend it. They make no apologies for their unique situation, they do not hide from people or from life. I think they’re excellent role models for anyone who has struggled with self image. Especially in today’s world where there is so much focus on a woman’s appearance and sexual appeal and some of us feel inclined to cry over a bad haircut. Not myself…of course not ; )

These two sisters take on tasks that we would think is impossible for those with their challenge, but I’ve really admired their gumption and watching them be so happy, travel, go to college, hang out with their friends and amaze many and touch lives everywhere they go. I’m very inspired by their happy dispositions and it humbles me to think about my own tendencies to hold back or resist allowing myself to shine because I don’t feel up to the task.