Foster Mom Encourages Reaching Out

Amarillo, Texas is not unlike thousands of other cities nationwide, where hundreds of kids find themselves in need of loving Foster parents. Every year there are so many kids in need of Foster care to help them grown and thrive in safe environments and create a loving home for them.

Kandy Carnes always knew she cared about children and she considered being a Foster Mom someday, when it was convenient and her life was in order in such a way to welcome Foster kids into her home. She and her husband had often considered being Foster parents, but the timing never felt right. Then she made a bold decision to follow her Biblical belief that encourages others to tend to widows and children.

Inconvenience aside, she has welcomed two Foster girls, sisters, into her home despite not having been around young children since her own teenage kids were little. She is very involved in encouraging her community to recognize that there are countless children waiting for people like her to find it convenient enough to change their young lives for the better.

People like her help me remember that my life isn’t just about me having a grand ol’ time going fun places, having cute outfits, and buying nice things. It’s about helping other people, and I want to be better about acting now instead of always putting it off for another day. I appreciate Kandy’s story for reminding me of that.

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